How many songs do I need in my wedding ceremony?

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

A popular question from couples who are planning the layout of their wedding ceremony: How many songs or pieces of music do I need for my wedding ceremony?

The answer varies a lot, depending on the type of ceremony you are having, i.e. a religious, civil, spiritual or humanist etc. It also depends on your own preference and your input from your celebrant/priest/minister who will be performing your ceremony.

Laura Bolger Wedding Ceremony Singer
Laura Bolger Wedding Ceremony Singer

Religious Wedding Ceremony Music

If you have selected to have a religious wedding ceremony, I recommend selecting eight songs & three instrumentals. These can vary depending on your preference of course but more often than not this is the format:

Processional (Entrance Song) - One Song

Individual Candles - Instrumental

Psalm - One Song (Or this can be spoken by your reader)

Gospel Acclamation - Shine Alleluia

Unity Candle - Instrumental

Offertory - One Song

Sign of Peace - Instrumental

Communion - Two Songs

Signing of Register - Two Songs

Recessional (Exit Song) - One Song

Civil/Spiritual or Humanist Wedding Ceremony Music

If you have selected a civil, spiritual or humanist wedding ceremony the usual number of songs to select would be four to five songs.

Entrance - One Song

During Ceremony - Two Songs

Signing Register - One/Two Songs

Exit - One Song

Another idea would be to have some songs sung while your guests are being seated prior to your ceremony start - this can help to create a relaxing ambience for your wedding guests and your partner who may be waiting anxiously for your arrival!

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